Light Image Resizer v5.2 Download Crack + License key 2017

Light Image Resizer v5.2 Download Crack + License key 2017 Many times we come across digital photos that are extremely heavy due to their resolution causing loss of hard disk space in addition to slowing down the PC so I bring this software Light Image Resizer 5.2 in its latest version 2017, the program allows us to reduce and optimize the size of images, we can convert images to multiple formats, change the resolution of images and much more, Light Image Resizer 5 is complete for download in installer as Portable including Serial generator and best of all includes all Language, I invite you to see the features, information and captures in this contribution. I hope you like it and it will be useful for you with light size no more than 30 megabytes, do not forget to comment and share it with your friends and visit the PC Utility category.

Light Image Resizer – formerly known as VSO Image Resizer – software organizes your photos by reducing their resolution to easily move them on your hard drive. Light Image Resizer is the perfect tool for those who store their digital photos and images on their PC and who want to resize, compress, convert, create copies, create thumbnails, import or organize photos.

Light Image Resizer v5.2 Download Crack + License key 2017

Resize and convert

Use the Image Resizer Light to resize images. The batch image converter can easily convert your images in different formats. Select your output resolution, change the original size or create a copy, move and / or change the file name or compress, choose a specific destination for the processed images. You can work on individual photos or edit a large number of images just by making a batch resize in a single click.

Extra options

Add your own brand of water to protect your work or add a copyright to the photos with the format of text, html and support as transparency. Customize photos by converting to sepia or add a border. Use the live preview to see what the final result will look like before actually processing the image. The ObviousIdea Photo Resizer / Picture Resizer works on files, subfolders and folders, and supports RAW formats. With integrated multi-core support, you can convert images even faster. Launch the application easily from Windows Explorer shell with a right click on the image or folder.

The production and export

The photos can be added directly as attachments, individually or in a ZIP file, to email by using the publish function, without exceeding the maximum size allowed by email servers. Create PDF files of your images, such as jpg to PDF; Do this for single or multiple images. Edit, create export, new backup profiles with your favourite settings. The most popular profiles are already pre-defined, such as FULL HD resolution, iPod, NTSC, 640 x 480 background images. Access to profiles in 1 click with shell integration.

Digital Frame

Transfer photos and optimize the space in the digital frames with the digital photo frame assistant. You can use the image resizing options to resize to supported the frame resolution and add even more photos to view!

Supported image input formats

  • .JPEG
  • .JPG
  • .CR2 (Canon RAW) .NEF (Nikon RAW) .DNG (Adobe) .GIF (animated compatible GIF) ICO .PNG
  • .PSD (Photoshop) .TIFF (multiple TIFF supported pages) .ARW .BMP .CRW .MEF .CUT .DCM .DIB
  • The output formats
  • .BMP
  • .JPG
  • .GIF
  • .PNG
  • .TIFF
  • .PDF
  • .PSD (Photoshop)
  • .PCX
  • .TGA
  • .ZIP (Containing any of the above)

Changes to this Version

  • NEW: extract embedded JPEG for FUJI (. RAF) RAW files that use compression (the resolution will be lower than the original)
  • NEW: Samsung RAW files (. SRW) added to supported file extensions
  • REPAIR: Processing images with variable color profiles in a row may result in incorrect results.
  • REPAIR: Some conversions between colour spaces produced incorrect colours
  • REPAIR: IPTC metadata could be added twice in some cases
  • REPAIR: Some output format options may result in the use of an incorrect format.
  • CORRECTED: the destination of the college could be pasted with a fixed file name when the profile was saved
  • IMPROVED: supports Unicode file names when sending email
  • IMPROVED: prevents creation of 0-byte files when the disk is full


  • Resize images, resize photos and resize images – easily compress, convert and create copies of your photos
  • A photo resizer fast batches
  • High-quality results using ultra-multi-core fast, photo-resizing technology
  • High-quality image of resizing filters – Lanczos and bicubic for the best compression quality, and linear for the speed
  • Create friendly email images or use them for Internet publishing
  • Sort, rename or add a watermark to protect images from being stolen
  • Use the profile library – iPhone, iPad mini, forum, HQ
  • New – create custom PDF pages!
  • Easy to convert JPEG to PDF


System Requirements

  • Minimum: Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon XP, 512 MB of RAM (Windows XP)
  • Recommended: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent, 2 GB of RAM (Windows 7 or higher)
  • Best performance: Core i5 / i7 or equivalent, 4 GB of RAM (Windows 7 or higher)
  • Supported operating systems
  • It is compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. There is no version available for Mac.

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